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Sinteza Invest Group

The best price/quality ratio!

Success of Sinteza Invest Group during last 14 years is result of simple formula – to see on costs and quality with client’s eyes. Every year, we push the limits in both of these business segments, and each year we were rewarded with your trust. We continued to apply the same recipe - extremely low cost and premium support.

The lowest fees on the market

With the lowest trading commissions on the market, you already have an advantage. If you add free use of cutting-edge platform Trader Workstation Sinteza (TWS), education, news web portal www.sinteza.net and professional analysis, then it is clear that you have all the prerequisites for a successful trading.

No hidden costs

We are diferent. Trust and openness in the relationship with the client is our basic principle of business. Transparent tariff structure with no hidden costs is what we are proud of.

Perfect and simple execution

We continue to be leader in introducing new technologies in the brokerage business. We do not want average solutions, we strive for perfection in the performance of all business activities. With the new trading platform, Trader Workstation Sinteza (TWS) your trading orders are executed in a split of second whether it is the stock markets of USA, Europe or Asia. One click from your computer, tablet or mobile phone and your trade was executed.

Trade on over 100 market centers in 24 countries

Direct market access to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, ETFs and CFDs from a single multicurrency SIG Universal Account

Access market data 24 hours a day and six days a week to stay connected to all global markets.

Convert currencies at market determined rates as low as 1/10 of a basis point, or create a position collateralized by a non-native currency

Fund your account in multiple currencies. Trade assets denominated in multiple currencies from a single account.

Trading Workstation Sinteza (TWS) - platform with innovative technology

We’ve been building trading technology that provides competitive pricing, speed, size, diversity of global products.

Trading platform TWS

Platform Trader Workstation Sinteza (TWS) have been designed with the professional trader in mind:

  • Optimize your trading speed and efficiency (TWS Desktop).
  • Availability with any mobile device (TWS Handy Trader for IOS, Android and Blackberry devices)
  • Clean and simple interface that works from behind a firewall (HTML-based TWS WebTrader)

Advanced Trading Tools

Our suite of Option Labs and advanced trading tools offer support to help you discover and implement optimal trading strategies. For example, our Probability Lab offers a practical way to think about options without the complicated mathematics, and the Option Strategy Lab lets you create simple and complex multi-leg option orders based on your own price and volatility forecast.

Order Types and Algos

Trader Workstation Sinteza (TWS) supports over 60 order types, from the most basic limit order to advanced trading to the most complex algorithmic trading, to help you execute a wide variety of trading strategies.

Sophisticated Risk Management

Real-time market-risk management and real-time monitoring provide a comprehensive measure of risk exposure across multiple asset classes around the globe and real-time data that gives you the edge you need to react quickly to the markets.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Easy to view and customize, our statements and reports cover all aspects of your account.


Portfolio Analyst

PortfolioAnalyst, our online reporting and analysis interface, lets you analyze the performance of your account portfolio online by creating and saving customizable PDF reports based on a set of measurement criteria and optionally comparing the data to selected industry benchmarks.

Statements and activity

Run and customize activity statements to view detailed information about your account activity, including positions, cash balances, transactions, and more.


Daily Margin Reports

Daily margin reports detail requirements by underlying.

Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)

TCA tracks the quality of your orders’ transaction prices versus market conditions either at the time the orders were submitted or after the trade executes.

News, education and traders forum

Up-to-date market information enables traders make right decisions. Sinteza Invest Group has recognized this importance and our focus is on providing breaking news, professional technical analysis and training.

Our trader's team is composed of professionals who have at least 10 years of experience in trading worldwide. They want to share their experience with you. Feel free to ask us any questions about various topics and participate in the "Sinteza Live Trading chat” with our top traders every week.

“Sinteza.net” - the most visited brokerage portal in the country timely monitoring all developments in the world of economy, finance and investment. Daily technical analysis, investment recommendations, trading ideas and strategies... Also, you can use our special mobile application for Anroid and iOS mobile devices including smart module for notification for important news in real time.

“Sinteza Trading Forum” is a place where people gather in order to exchange their experiences and opinions on various topics related to the economy, investing, trading and strategy. Come and join us on Sinteza trading community!

A wide program of trading web seminars. Observe, listen and ask questions directly from home or office while our experienced professionals clearly explain the approach to investing, trading, analyze markets around the world and guide you through TWS platform.

Sinteza Invest Group - secure and licensed broker with tradition

As a fully licensed brokerage company in Serbia, we adopted strict rules and procedures of the Securities Commission of the Republic of Serbia (KHOV) and National Bank of Serbia (NBS). For 14 years, we are a full member of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (Belex), Central Securities Depository and Clearing house (CRHOV) and Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Our strict control mechanisms and regulations are fully compliant with principles set by the European MIFID regulations and the US agency FINRA.


Belgrade Stock Exchange

Securities Commission of the Republic of Serbia

Central Securities Depository and Clearing house

National Bank of Serbia

Serbian Chamber of Commerce

European MIFID regulations and the US agency