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Sinteza Invest Group

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About us

Sinteza Invest Group is a leading brokerage firm that provides global online trading, investment management, financial advisory and corporate services.

We connect people, capital and ideas. We have been investing, mediating, managing and innovating for 14 years.

  • Established in 2002 in Belgrade
  • Over 20 employees and professional associates
  • Availability of 100 world stock markets with more than 30,000 financial instruments
  • Sinteza.net - most visited stock exchange web portal in Serbia
  • The base of over 65,000 satisfied customers


As a fully licensed and regulated broker in Serbia, we have adopted strict rules and procedures of the Securities Commission of the Republic of Serbia (SEC) and the National Bank of Serbia (NBS). Due to the nature of the global work that we do, our strict control systems and regulations are fully compliant with the strict principles set by the European MIFID regulations and the US Agency FINRA.

Komisija za HoV
Komisija za hartije od vrednosti Republika Srbija
Narodna banka Srbije
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority


We have been a full member of the Belgrade Stock Exchange for 14 years, the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Beogradska berza
Privredna komora Srbije
Centralni registar, depo i kliring hartija od vrednosti


Being in good company is priceless ...

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